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Caboodle DJ

The client wanted to refresh his website to attract more clients and gain more leads. I decided to first do quantitative research through stakeholder interviews and user interviews to establish the requirements of the business and the real problems that his clients were facing.

How did I have an impact?

1 - Stakeholder interviews that revealed the main source of business income and target market
2 - User interviews with business’s main target audience
3 - Brand positioning workshop to establish how the business should effectively talk to their customers

What was the result?

Established a clear target market and main source of income

Through stakeholder interviews we established that 90% of the business’s income is from weddings and that their main target audience are females between the ages of 24 and 35. We decided to tailor the content on the website to focus on brides and their dream weddings.

Established user needs and content requirements

The user interviews highlighted the fact that the brides-to-be wanted a wedding music partner that was professional and would work with them to create an environment that is unique.

The content on the website needed to be clear and personable as they do not have a lot of time. They needed to be sure that their DJ would be the right fit quickly.

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